Leaving early morning!

Hey friends, When i came back to home, all visa things were done and i wish to minimize loss of school studies and placement so i’ve to move in a hurry a bit. My inbound is scheduled to 30th 12:30 CET. Meanwhile no real plans, just be there.

I’m home

Friends, I had great time at spiti valley though rain ruined somethings somehow. My plan was to visit Tabo and then exit from Shimla but some bridges were broken and they needed 2 days to fix them. I found an interesting trek to Chandratal via Kunzum Pass which is about 14 Km trek with slopy height and 4500 m above the sea level. I joined a Portuguese trekker group to share some expenses and beautiful memories. After 1 day camping at chandratal, I took lift on a truk to Gramphoo and then back to Manali via HRTC bus. It took 14 hrs from Manali to back to my home.

From Kaza

Hello friends, last two days i’ve been travelling alot, approximatly travelled 1000 Kms and surprised to find internet here, really amazing. Last night i was at Marhi it was a nice rainy eve, today early morning we departed to Kaza its beautiful place but i am not much happy to see clouds over here. Hopefully tomorrow i’ll travel to Kye and spend a day to understand this place. I’m pretty surprised to see lots of Isrealis and their food in local menu. Will take beautiful pictures for you. Ciao.

Leaving to Spiti

I just confirmed my ticket to Manali and now I’m leaving in another 3 hours, 18:30 IST and probably I’ll be at Manali at 08:30 IST(next day). Now I’m feeling so sleepy!! all bags are packed and already start missing friends, family and some special persons. Hopefuly next msg will be from Manali. Till then bye bye!

Interesting Facts: Delhi-Spiti

Everything has planned and finalised for my next trip to valley of Spiti. Somehow, I couldnt manage to make more time so this time I’ll be travelling in Spiti valley for 6 days. But let me tell me some facts about Himachal Tourism. I contacted HRTC (Roadways) , last time I’ve used these buses, I thought that they might be cheaper than tourism buses. Today I was in HPTDC (tourism borad) office and they have pretty nice buses.

HPTDC Volvo: 815 INR  HRTC Volvo: 860 INR Delhi-Manali (you must be surprised but its fact)

Moreover delux non-ac buses doesnt worth 615 INR. There are two ways to approch valley of spiti one is via Manali second is via Shimla, I decided to go via Manali because I dont have much time. My route would be Delhi-Manali-Marhi-Losar-Kaza-Tabo*-Sumdo*-Shimla-Delhi, its pretty difficult to cover in 6 days so probably we might be skiping (*) places.


Okay! what? It supposed to be a my travel blog, so you must be knowing what I’ve done in past one year. Last year I begun my journey with Delhi-Jammu-Katra-Delhi. It was a religious trip but still we had great fun with new friends. Though It was my second trip with Ashish, but i enjoed this one a lot. In October, we again made plans but this time we’re late. I knew this fact but I didnt say anything to my friends because I really wanted to travel somewhere. We choosed Lahaul and Spiti valley, we’re four friend (thats ultimate group). Somehow we just traversed lahaul valley due to some creepy planning and we had to miss Spiti. In March this year I got a chance to travel to Lahore City its not much far from India and I was feeling home overthere. I shouldnt mention it my traveling because I was there for a competetion and didnt see much places.

Huh? so you find me!

So here I am! I was waiting for you since Indian ISP blocked blogger 😦 Actually right now I’m not importing my blogger blog here. Its my traveling blog and if you find napoleon dynamite here then you’ll get a chance to visit Leh in Aug free of cost * (*you must be a girl). Welcome! I hope you guys have killer here! dang it!