Interesting Facts: Delhi-Spiti

Everything has planned and finalised for my next trip to valley of Spiti. Somehow, I couldnt manage to make more time so this time I’ll be travelling in Spiti valley for 6 days. But let me tell me some facts about Himachal Tourism. I contacted HRTC (Roadways) , last time I’ve used these buses, I thought that they might be cheaper than tourism buses. Today I was in HPTDC (tourism borad) office and they have pretty nice buses.

HPTDC Volvo: 815 INR  HRTC Volvo: 860 INR Delhi-Manali (you must be surprised but its fact)

Moreover delux non-ac buses doesnt worth 615 INR. There are two ways to approch valley of spiti one is via Manali second is via Shimla, I decided to go via Manali because I dont have much time. My route would be Delhi-Manali-Marhi-Losar-Kaza-Tabo*-Sumdo*-Shimla-Delhi, its pretty difficult to cover in 6 days so probably we might be skiping (*) places.