Snowy Berlin

After 26 hrs when i started my journey, I just landed to Berlin. From sky it looked white and in winter white ground means snow. I am so tierd right now, I need some rest and tomorrow i’ll try to explore some more things 🙂

Departure Details

26th Jan is India’s Republic day, and I’m not writing an essay on Republic day but I’m leaving to Berlin (TXL). I’m using the same airlines i.e Turkish Airlines (THY) they offered me cheapest airfare and second there is a halt of 14 hr on Istanbul, which is enough for me to explore Turkey a bit. I’ll be in Berlin early in the morning on 27th Jan. Keep visiting!

Long time no see!

I’m sure, you all must have been doubting on “Deepak – a perpetual traveler”, even I started to doubt. But I wasnt sitting quite, I am heading to another trip to EU this time for 2 months and I hope I’ll explore things better. Actually I’m on internship in Berlin and I dont know how often I can blog. But I promise to have 1 post/week here. I’ll be posting all my depature and arrival details here. Best!