Berlin – Its sonorous

After 3 chilling weeks in Berlin, Sun starts shining in the sky. I dont know how long it will last, but its all wonderful in Berlin at the moment. Last week I allmost broke my false teeth and had to go to a typical German dentist who made a bill of 45 Euro. Later I found time from my not so busy schudule and visited Reichstag ;ReichstagWhich is about 30 mins from my place. It is one of the modern architecture after it got rewamped in 1999. I just had preview of this building and then I headed to the parlienment house which is just left of this building. Later I entered into some tredy fast moving Berlin. I was on time and lucky enough to see a bit of road show of Internation Film festival in Berlin. Today its sunday and I am bit lazy to go out in a sunny day, so I decided to spend the whole day in kitchen, of course not cooking but taking shower because my shower is in Kitchen. See you soon!

Its my latest album