Dresden – a wonderland

I spent around 6 weeks in Berlin and I didnt really find anything special here, so I decided to make a day trip. It was all my plan, untill JT shew his interest in this trip. After just 5 mins of discussion we ended on Dresden, for me it was residual of world war 2. JT come anc picked me for Hauptbahnof one of the biggest station in Europe. HauptbahnofI bought a “happy weekend ticket” which just cost 33 Euro for 1 day unlimited travel in Die Bahn local trains (RE, RB) and entered to the inquiry counter, this lady said we have train in every to hours so we were pretty relaxed and after a big sigh this lady said “next train is in 2 mins, and I dont think that you can catch this one.” We start running to Glice(platform) and saw closing doors, but suddenly JT pressed button and door opened again for us. As soon as we entered JT start poking around to find a best seat (JT is 22 year old american guy, so now you can imgaine whats best seat for him). He found a seat next to a young girl but unfortunately she left us alone at next station. He took some card out of his bag and we started to play “momo” a German card game. After 2 hrs and we finally reached to a place to change our train to Dresden.

Trains are pretty much on schedule in Germany and we changed our train on time, It was pretty raining and darn cold. We just start talking about grading in german Dresdenschool and soon we joined one german couple. We reached to Dresden on time and these couple were there to meet a local friend from Mozambique and this guy invited us to see Dresden and we just walked into his car with these german pair and spent around 2 hours near Elba bank and lately we went to swinger and Frauenkirche. Later we decided to turn back to Berlin though I really didnt want to leave.

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  1. This was funny to read because your depiction of the events was just so accurate. I especially love the part where you said that we met a German couple and went to the swinger. I was laughing so much when i read that. the building that we saw was called the Zwinger Palace.

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