Kustrin Kietz – German countryside

German countryside has always astonished me. The beautiful grassland, wavy highway and comfortable train ride already impressed me a lot. But I was searching for more real lifestyle and I headed to Eastern border with Poland to complete my picture of Eastern Europe. I got a cheap all day ticket and Licthenburg was my station for NEB Kostryn-Berlin Train. Unlike Berlin Hptb. Licthenburg is still quite old but trains are always one time. Train passed lots of beautiful villages but eventually I had to get off at Kustrin Kietz.

It was Easter morning and I could hardly see anyone on roads, but some families were traveling to meet there families. I saw lots of people staring at me, probably amazed to see a tourist in their town. My German is almost nowhere near to my English, but still one old man was quite interesting in talking with me. He came closer and said something in German, which I interpreted at “If you are going to main city, i can drop you there” but he said “I am going to cut some trees, would you like to join us.” When he gave me an axe then I realized he asked me to help him. It was fun, I cut some wooden blocks and loaded in his car. We drove back pretty fast and then I left him to explore the town, I walked around 4 Kms to see the town. I could hardly see any shop or people on road but in the end it turned out to be a one of the memorable trip. When i reached to Polish Border then I realized its time to go home now.

I am home!

I am again back to home, this time I traveled EU for an internship .. I spent my most of the time in Berlin and east Germany and now a bit nostalgic about my trip, nevertheless feeling good to be home after a long phase. I guess now i am off a bit from traveling for 1 month due to university examination, but I promise to keep posting short stories from my last trip.