Leaving to Leh

After 2 years of planning and visits to Lahaul Spiti region,  I’m ready to visit Leh Ladakh region. Today I am leaving with one of my friend to Leh. He is a bit psycho and I am bit scared of his evil ideas. In evening, we both are leaving to Manali either by HPTDC or HRTC bus. We’re following Manali-Leh highway afterward, we both have been to the mid of this highway, hopefully we wont be caught in hitches and delays.

Route: Delhi-Manali-Kyelong/Jispa-Sarchu-Leh .. here is a google map stuff for our route .

Potsdam passionately romantic

Potsdam is located in the south-west of Berlin, Germany. There is a 5 min connection from S-Bahn line to Potsdam. S-7 is most frequent on this Route and all you need is a A+B+C ticket which cost 2.90 Euro one side or better buy all day A+B+C ticket which cost around 6.0 Euro and you can travel anywhere in ABC zones all day. Even you can ride on buses in Potsdam with all day ticket.

I heard alot about Postdam from Simon and Evi, and one day James added more about Potsdam. However they also mentioned in winter its not as beautiful as summer, but ISanssouci Park was there for winters and couldnt miss this opportunity. I bought all day VBB ABC zone ticket which cost me 6 Euros and headed to Alexendraplatz and from there I took S-7 to Potsdam Hbf. which took around 25 mins to reach Potsdam Hbf. I was searching for Bus to Sanssouci park and after wasting lot of time on bus station I found mostly every bus goes near Sanssouci Park. It was a cloudy day and I wasnt expecting much but as i stepped there comely greenery took my breath away. But it didnt hold for long as there was some G-8 thing and helicopter noise ruined the peace over there. Secondly, all artwork was covered as they were protecting them from German winters. Lastly maintance work was a lot at that time. probably I made there in wrong time. But nevetheless I enjoyed and found it passionately romantic place. Visiting a castle is not quite easy, you need an advance reservation for visiting castle, thats why I missed castle.

Potsdam city itself a well oriented and a bit expensive than Berlin, but here you feel quite different, life has slow pace and lots of place to shop on streets which gives it a romantic feel. There is nothing much you can do if you are alone here, but a family, girlfriend and friends could really make it more fun. Potsdam also have lots of places to see like Einstein Tower, Bradenburg gate, University complex. Some people thinks they need 3 hrs for potsdam but according to me you need at least 2 days to have a deep look at Potsdam. In the end I had a coffee at authentic cafe and I moved back to Berlin. While I was in Berlin I made 3 trips to Potsdam and hopefully I’ll make more visit there.