Strange Weather

It’s been almost a month in Poland and its pretty strange weather here. Five minutes back it was snowing and now a bright shining sun just above me, what could be more pleasurable in this darn cold here in Poland. I resolved the communication gap with people here, now I am buying my stuff on my own. In Germany it was pretty easier but in Poland language is a big hurdle. Another Indian mate from my university cried and said “no one speaks english here, what I am going to do here?” I just told him, time gonna teach you Polish.

I spent little time in university, some lectures are quite easy but some needs intensive study, which is not my cup of tea, but I’ll try to pass them with my old methodology. I am not sure if its going to work in Polish education system. I traveled to Gdansk, Gorzow, and Gdansk again. Warsaw doesn’t have much to see, so I am heading to other cities during break. Quite lazy to do pictures right now.