So far so good

Since my arrival in Poland, I didnt blog much. First i was struggling with some education difference and then climate difference and lastly examination session. I just wind up my exams and fortunate to pass though i missed allmost 1.5 month of regular lectures. Nevertheless my Indian formula seems to be working here also “just keep it hard” during examination session.

Recently, I broke my notebook, well it was a funny accident but the result was not so good for me. I broke LCD of my development notebook and now i just cant work,  I would like to apologize to Simon, who lended me this notebook. I have worked on some of cool projects here, well you can check it out on my home page. I am sure you’r getting bored of reading about my educational a dventures. So, lets talk about some of my recent traveling experience. I visited Gorzow Wlkp and Kosztyn (this time Polish side) and celebrated Christmas and new year there. It was quite nice to celebrate christmas and new year with a family. Beside Gorzow, I travelled to Warsaw-Katowice-Gorzow-Gdansk-Warsaw(a reversal of my last polish trip, i hope you remember that). I still dont have much pictures to share with you. But I am planning a full fledged backpacker trip during holidays. Well, I dont have any real plans but I am sure, I am going to be there.

All the best! and Dziekuje (Thank you in Polish – I hope you guys remember this word from Borat:)