Sopot – Leisure beach

Sopot is a small town near Gdansk in Poland. Recently, I made a small one day trip to Sopot and had a bit more Polish taste.  SKM polish suburb railway leaves Gdansk Glowny (Danzig in German) every 15 mins on weekdays and 30 mins on holidays and weekends. Ticket cost around 3 PLN and can be purchased on Automat or ticket counter.

Gdansk itself is famous for igniting world war-II. By the end of the war the city lay almost completely in ruins. The German population was moved to Germany and more Poles  came under Gdańsk. However, the impact of its former German ties is still evident. Although most of the old buildings were damaged or destroyed in WWII, they have been painstakingly restored or rebuilt.

PS:Thanks to Alicja Piwowarska to rectify some historical mistakes.