Satya Sai Baba and Germany

During my first visit to Germany, I went to explore Southern Berlin (Grünewald). As I left S-bahn I saw an old railstation, which was quite indifferent with Berlin Hbf. or any other railstation in Mitte. I just follow the way and reached to bus stop, actually first I was suppose to go to Polish embassy, because in this time Poland wasnt in Schengen so I need some enquiry for visa. On this bus stand I saw a mid 60s old man sitting, strugling with his health probably

Satya Sai Baba

saying “Are you from India?”. I replied confidently “Yes! I’m sir”. Then he added “You doesn’t look like Indian but red string in your arm said so”. After short conversation I asked about Buses and they were in every 15 mins. Next 15 mins revieled some strange information about India and religions in India.

“I was in India at Satya Sai Baba and he gave me this ring” he said. By the way ring had orignal ruby gem and he confirmed that he didn’t buy it, Swami gave him. He expressed his willness in visiting India agian to meet Swami but also said he is out of money and his health is degrading everyday to travel. But, I could see he is going to make to India at least once in next few years of his life.

I was quite surprised because I saw BBC documentary Secret Swami and one on from Vir Sanghvi and its counter part can be found here by Satya sai org and had no faith in any religious ecstasy by Satya Sai Org.

There is a nice famous interview Ullrich Zimmermann’s series about his sexual encounters (blip:video) It seems he is in lots of controversies and World is subdivded into devotees and antagonist. From Vir Sanghvi to Ullrich Ziemmemann, for me its just superstition.