Land Transportation in Germany

Land transportation in Germany is well organized and extremely disciplined. Speaking in terms of facilities, I don’t really see anything else which needs to be added into then system. Trains are on time, trams and

S-bahn in Berlin

S-bahn and U-bahn serves mass of people in cities. Intercity and Regional trains are well organized. That’s how capitalism was imagined to benefit and “consumer king”. True fully I didn’t travel much on trains in Germany but I travelled enough to comment on how it looks from outside.

Last year when I first visited Berlin, I was shocked a bit when I first bought VBB normal ticket which cost me 2.10 EUR and surprises even getting bigger day by day. Berlin transportation system is sophisticated and it’s good to see common fare for all transportation services in Berlin. Later I accepted if you wants good service then you have to pay more.

I met with many locals there including some of my quite old friends and they always curse how capitalism is being used by Deutsche Bahn. But I always ignored those comments. Being from India, transportation in Berlin is allmost a dream world for me and after few days I left Berlin and moved to India.

While I was in India, I noticed how difficult is to provide transportation in India. Massive number of people and less number of road and rail-lines, further exploration into railways website in India reviels how they are making money with subsidised system. In fact I was all most shocked when i saw a 300 km 2-nd class rail ticket in India cost same as normal fare VBB in Berlin.

Recently, I just returned from Berlin and this time I had to travel by train. The story continued, I paid 25 EUR for 120 Km DB Regional train travel. With no discount for student and senior citizen, high fare, posing an evil image of capitalism DB seems to have some seasonal discount, happy weekend ticket and some promotional fares on some short distant routes, which led a normal middle class family in Germany to travel by train. People have their own ways to express anger, they usually are on cycle. Buys used ticket instead of machine-o-mart and so on …

In my opinion instead of directly linking “high profits” to “fare hike”. Transportation system have to learn how to get “high profits” without being evil. If Indian Rail minister “Lalu Prasad Yadav” who just studied few years in high school without any college degree can turn Indian railways into profit, then why can’t well educated Germans do the same in Germany.