Beautiful Triangle – Budapest – Kosice – Smizany – Poprad

In summer, We were planning to go home, but due to some hitches I scrapped it. We had to travel somewhere so I decided to visit Hungary and Slovakia. We made a quick plan and left Berlin with my fiance. As expected it was comfortable air route to Budapest from Berlin.

We landed in Budapest; It was too hot to tolerate in September you wouldn’t expect hot summer pondering into your body. Another thing was language difference, though I found people in Budapest have decent knowledge of English. So, we left airport on Bus to nearest metro station and  single journey ticket cost 270 Forint. After that we decided to buy all day ticket(its quite hard to buy it on airport itself, we tried but couldn’t). It cost us 1500 Forint. We already had reservation in an apartment house, “Astoria Apartment home” and we were on a way to find it. We arrived at Astoria Metro Station and start searching “Building 8”; It was quite hard to find, because they have a bit odd old fashion numbering, which means all even buildings are on right and odd are on left. After some calls we finally reached there.

Marton, the owner/manager of “Astoria Home” Young 24 year old chap, gave a brief into of the city and what we could see in one day. We left home to some food; unfortunately we ended up with a restaurant in “Vaci Ut” which is one of the most expensive street in Hungary. We had royal 6000 Forint Dinner which doesn’t worth that money and even included 600 forint as tip and snobby staff. After an expensive dinner we go budget for next few hours, we went to Keleti and bought our tickets to Kosice(SK) which cost us around 5000 Forint with reservation for 3.5 Hrs train journey. We came back home, bought some cheese, bread and Goose spread for rest of the night and visited Elizabeth Bridge and near by. It was quite tiring day and tomorrow we were planning to go to Smizany in between Kosice and Poprad. We slept early for journey ahead.

It was beautiful hot morning, we left early to Keleti. Train was on time and waiting on platform. We get into it and next 3 hrs I was looking outside train, muzzling why they have steel like water storage tank and looking beautiful chuch and terrain. We arrived Koscie on time and next train to Spisska Nova Ves was in another 5 mins, we rushed to ticket counter and bought ticket very quickly and then sit in some train which we weren’t sure that going to Spisska Nova Ves. My Fiance speaks Polish so she was familer with Slovkian, its quite similar. In train, there was one man and one young couple, while they were looking at us, we’re wondering weather we were in night train or not. We’re sitting in A/C box, which I thought that’s a mistake in 270 SKK. We reached Spisska Nova Ves, it looks like a calm city nothing much on roads a bit like country side, old railway station, nice bus stand, very helpful people. Next bus was in another 1 hour so we decided to take taxi in 100 SKK. It was “Maria Pension House” where we were supposed to stay. Owner of that Pension house is a lady “Maria” with his husband “Peter” and their daughter “Julie”, nice family. We had long talk regarding Trip which also include “what the hell i am doing in slovakia” and “why i am studying in Poland” and some personal questions that “where we gonna live after wedding etc”. I was the first Indian which probably stayed there, closest was one from Sri Lanka stayed there in 1995. Our room was prepared and I just couldn’t wait for a quick nap on fluffy bed, though I was quite hungry. Ania suggested me to go and eat something, in hunt on some Slovakia food, we ended up with a nice Slovakia Restaurant, where either boys or old men where digging beer and vodka. Lately some ladies and families joined it. We ordered “Pierogi” which is also an Polish traditional dish, as we couldn’t figure out what to eat and we were too hungry to think. It was end of day two, we walked around, looked at some apple tree in sun and then returned to base.

(To be continued …)