I regret to be Hindu

I was born and raised in a very liberal Hindu Punjabi family where I was free to set my own imagination and encouraged to get them in life but not everyone is as lucky as me. Our society in India is very conservative and it’s mainly because we remain puppets in hands of own parents who were brainwashed by their parents to an infinite loop. My parents realized that they have the power to what they call emotional torture on me but with that power they also got a responsibility and they never used it. We usually say our culture values triumphed over western end of the world – but I disagree. We’re living in a society with double standards whereas western world assume that we as a nation is big and as a culture rich and as a people polite. Being an Indian I can easily say that none of them is true.

Geographically, India is quite large with a very high population density so actually we are big but are we really big? A friend of mine asked be about a place in South India which I had no idea, the stories which he was telling me sounds like fairy tales it was complete inversion of what I assumed. Three year late when i made a trip I was completely shocked that what my friend was telling is all true. That day I realized that I don’t know my own country. Knowing country wasn’t big deal but then I came across people in my own country which was another dimension for my brain to fit. Very often I hear from people “He is from south India, he is not a nice person“. “He is Muslim don’t invite him at home“. “He is dirty caste (Dalit) stay away from him“. Truth is we are divided, first we are divided by region, then we are divided by religion and then we are divided by caste. That’s too many layers of division and in the end India is then not big anymore. Smart people often says we should divide this country into 28 small countries and that would solve everything – this is another lame argument which technically says we are divided so why don’t we geographically also divides. Which I think is totally insane idea — no proof required.

I was asked by mother of my close friend that why I am not living with my parents? I told her that my life is to live than enslaved to my parents. She was shocked what I just said and she repeated that “Parents brought you to this world, they raised you and made you a respectable person in life and now when it’s your turn to give them back, you’re running away“. My short answer to her very long argument was “Yes! “. She became angry and argued further and then I won. Later I asked my friend, How it’s going and he said it’s very troublesome they are searching a girl for her to marry which he doesn’t want to do because he had secret love affair. Our society routes us on a track where negation of what parents say is a sin, surprisingly Hinduism is very liberal and even sex is not consider as a sin. In this changing world we found a workaround, just lie to them that’s far easy. Why loosing virginity is consider as the BIG thing for parents? Why some one from lower caste cannot marry upper caste? Why parents sell us in terms of dowry and arrange marriages? That’s what I had been asking myself from very long time. We keep on saying it’s forbidden in religion and I believe it’s social implication of religion which forbid us from good things than religion itself. Now honour killing, suicides and rapes are  daily news which probably is not forbidden in society.

This morning I was reading about 1993 Bombay blast case and that overflow what I had been keeping since last few years to write this blog post. I always believed in Karma which most of Hindu do. Events in present leds us to different future, which I didn’t really understand when I was a child but I kept hearing this from a very wise Hindu priest, he lived 110 years who never tried to convince barren society his philosophy about living in a world with same rights, no caste and respect. When this morning I heard about verdict from supreme court, I was totally shocked not because the type of verdict but because it came before those who demolished Babari mosque in Ayodhaya. Eventually, country has it’s not priority but we as a people are not polite anymore. We always praise Mahatma Gandhi’s values to our society but never followed them. What we’re asking? We are more interested in the culprits who trigger 1993 Bombay blast that those who actually trigger the event which led to blasts in Bombay. The “Hindu” show to demolish Babari Mosque was “not spontaneous and not unplanned” and it claimed 2000 people’s life most of them were Muslim in aftermath. Which further led to Bombay’s blast, Gujarat riots and the most importantly it took distance apart two major religion communities in India. We’re further naive and stupid to be enslaved to those who even more stupid than us. Recently, India terminated two terrorists in a secret death penalty and we celebrated it, why did we celebrate a death penalty? What we have achieved by terminating people? Think tanks often argue law must be imposed in full and I agree but why in this polite country we have a death penalty? Moreover we started to revolutionize and asking for death penalty for everything else.

Until few generation will pass away and education will take over, we’ll remain  divided, our cultural values will remain empty, kindness and forgiveness had been key element of our values will remain diminishing away and as a majority in Republic of India, I regret to be “Hindu”.