Apostille in India

How to get Apostille in India on educational documents?

UPDATE: A brief procedure is now available at MEA website. http://meaindia.nic.in/mystart.php?id=8801 This post is now obsolete.

First, present your documents to H.R.D department for authentication. You need a postal order of Rs 50 for each document to be authenticated. There is no same day service, you’ll get certificate back next day.

You need:

1. Original documents to be authenticated (they do authenticate provisionals incase degree is not avaiable, make sure your provisional says provisional certificate on top)

2. A photocopy of each document with marksheet.

3. A copy of passport(you need original passport to be presented at the time of receiving your certificates. However if student is not residing in India then he needs a letter from Indian embassy abroad verifying his passport and with this paper, his parents can do authentication from India on his behalf.)

4. A form, which can be collected from counter.

5. Postal order of Rs 50 (one; no loose postal orders) for each document to be authenticated.

Where to proceed?

If you reside in Delhi then just drop yourself at

VishwaVidalaya Metro Station, Its behind left exit of the station in a School on 2nd floor

Shri DM Khaneta, Directorate of Education, Authenticating cell, Near DU Metro Station, Lucknow Road, Delhi-5

for other states please have a look at:



For submission 10-1 PM and for receiving 2-4 PM (next day)

How to get Apostille sticker now?

After authentication, you have to proceed to Ministry of external affairs Patiala house (CPV division) what you need is:

1. A postal order of Rs 50/document (no loose just one) which can be purchased there itself easily.

2. Original authenticated doucments with one photocopy each back to back and a copy for information pages of your passport.

Submission Timing?

1. Beware of Touts! they are really annoying and could charge you a lot or misplace your original documents.

2. It is a same day service so you have to come early for Apostille, come at 9 AM, submission starts at 9:30 AM till 11:00 AM (official at 12:00PM but they ususally stops at 11:00 AM due to high density of documents)

3. You’ll receive documents on same day at 5 PM, India gate is near like I spent my 6 hours there playing with birds hope you can do it also.

Uffff! Indian system, Ministry of External Affairs defiantly needs a proper system, there is some construction work going on hope it’ll be easier soon

More information:

MEA, India http://meaindia.nic.in/apostille.htm

Hague Convention of October 5, 1961 http://www.hcch.net/index_en.php



  1. Thanks Deepak – this is a very useful post!
    I have a question though – I need to get my birth certificate apostilled – does that also need to be verified by another office before the MEA-CPV?

  2. I am from nagpur and i want authenciation to my birth certificate and then apostille stamsp on it , so can i do it form nagpur or is there any aithorised agent who could do this ? or do i have to travel to bombay for authenciation and then to delhi for getting my certificate apostilled , kindly reply

  3. You have two options, one Either attest your document and then fly to Delhi for Apposttile (Remember it can take 1-2 days) and Second, Layer/Relative or anyone who lives in Delhi can do this appostille on your behalf. I am not sure if there is any appostille center in Mumbai.

  4. i have completed my 12 th class and need to go to russia for my medical studies do i need a appostille stamp

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