India (anti) corruption movement

Every Indian is frustrated by corruption and now it has become very clear from Anna Hazare movement against corruption. Shunned by government, it has grown to the mass level and yesterday when I heard from my sister “Support Anna” I was very concerned on that quote and decided to write this post.

First, India is very democratic country, debating on stuff is in our blood. We have got freedom of speed which is very well respected in educated Indian society. Now a days, it’s a debatable question in India but in any country if you try to subvert constitutional system then you’ll be penalized. So why all hype?

Recent economic reforms have accelerated corruption in India, also people are becoming smarter and more aware to expose scandals. Corruption are at all levels in India. Most people victimized by local policemem, office clerks and social ignorance. But “Strong Janpal Bill” is what we lacks? It’s rather novice to say that “Support Anna” – anti corruption movement when people do bribe in daily life. Another kind of corruption is when social funds are misused, here “Strong Janpal bill” might help? but I am not sure at which level. We need to think about root cause instead adding one more system.

Second, at root level people still suffer from racism (cast system), illiteracy and awareness but instead of fighting these fundamental problem which would probably erase corruption in future, we decided to hit hard by Anti-corruption movement. Without knowing the cause, how can we fix the problem and secondly, I don’t think that a bill would vanish corruption in jiffy.

I do not believe that this bill would make much difference, though I believe as we evolve one day India will be among least corrupt country, now to achieve this we need to end racism, illiteracy and remove various layers in public dealing. In my opinion, Technology is going to play large role instead of Anna Hazare to wipe out corruption from India.

I prefer to stay out of non-travel post but it looks like I have no time for it. Recently, I traveled to lots of forests and Lake regions in Poland.

PS: An ideal ways to replace corruption are
1. Replace all govt officials with Androids. “Technology”
2. Implant a chip to every Indian citizen. “UUID”
3. Use Artificial Intelligence to train Indian citizen. “Education”
4. Get rid of money based economy .. instead adapt different economic model which is contribution based or technology based. “LOL”