So far so good

Since my arrival in Poland, I didnt blog much. First i was struggling with some education difference and then climate difference and lastly examination session. I just wind up my exams and fortunate to pass though i missed allmost 1.5 month of regular lectures. Nevertheless my Indian formula seems to be working here also “just keep it hard” during examination session.

Recently, I broke my notebook, well it was a funny accident but the result was not so good for me. I broke LCD of my development notebook and now i just cant work,  I would like to apologize to Simon, who lended me this notebook. I have worked on some of cool projects here, well you can check it out on my home page. I am sure you’r getting bored of reading about my educational a dventures. So, lets talk about some of my recent traveling experience. I visited Gorzow Wlkp and Kosztyn (this time Polish side) and celebrated Christmas and new year there. It was quite nice to celebrate christmas and new year with a family. Beside Gorzow, I travelled to Warsaw-Katowice-Gorzow-Gdansk-Warsaw(a reversal of my last polish trip, i hope you remember that). I still dont have much pictures to share with you. But I am planning a full fledged backpacker trip during holidays. Well, I dont have any real plans but I am sure, I am going to be there.

All the best! and Dziekuje (Thank you in Polish – I hope you guys remember this word from Borat:)

Poland Again! – 26th Oct

Few months back I got admission in WUT in warsaw Poland, I have always facinated toward eastern Europe and I considered it as a good chance to peruse my masters and have a closer look at eastern Europe.

I am leaving on 26th October, with Turkish Airline will get more miles and fare isn’t so bad. Moreover they have 10 Kg of extra baggage for me. Hope they wont be late again.

I’ll try to write a post whenever i see something new or which i havn’t observed. Keep reading. Oh yeah! Leh writeup is still pending. Actually Vibhu(my other mate) have a great idea to write a proper e-book kind of stuff on our great Leh trip. I’ll notify you as we progress into it.

See you in Poland!

Greetings from Leh

I just reached to Leh, after unplanned cycle trip from Manali to Leh, which took 9 days and now we are in heaven phones are working, internet is fine and we just saw Pang Tso Lake. I’ll try to upload pictures soon.

Leaving to Leh

After 2 years of planning and visits to Lahaul Spiti region,  I’m ready to visit Leh Ladakh region. Today I am leaving with one of my friend to Leh. He is a bit psycho and I am bit scared of his evil ideas. In evening, we both are leaving to Manali either by HPTDC or HRTC bus. We’re following Manali-Leh highway afterward, we both have been to the mid of this highway, hopefully we wont be caught in hitches and delays.

Route: Delhi-Manali-Kyelong/Jispa-Sarchu-Leh .. here is a google map stuff for our route .

Indian Kitchen is smelling!

Last week, I was travelling along Berlin Tiergarten, which consists of Germany’s largestZoological garten zoo in zooloigcal garten and Aquarium. Tiergarten looks similar to Connaught place in New Delhi. I was there to extend my air tickets to my airlines office.

This week wIndian Kitchenas pretty stressful at work but beside that, I ate Indian food allmost everyday in this week. Andy my neighbour have been to India couple of times and he is very keen to cook Indian spicey food. I oftenly enjoyed Dal and Rice at his home, but today i was my turn to cook something and I made Rajma (Kidney Beans) and Rice. [Photo Album]

Berlin – Its sonorous

After 3 chilling weeks in Berlin, Sun starts shining in the sky. I dont know how long it will last, but its all wonderful in Berlin at the moment. Last week I allmost broke my false teeth and had to go to a typical German dentist who made a bill of 45 Euro. Later I found time from my not so busy schudule and visited Reichstag ;ReichstagWhich is about 30 mins from my place. It is one of the modern architecture after it got rewamped in 1999. I just had preview of this building and then I headed to the parlienment house which is just left of this building. Later I entered into some tredy fast moving Berlin. I was on time and lucky enough to see a bit of road show of Internation Film festival in Berlin. Today its sunday and I am bit lazy to go out in a sunny day, so I decided to spend the whole day in kitchen, of course not cooking but taking shower because my shower is in Kitchen. See you soon!

Its my latest album

Conspectus Berlin

It’s more than 2 week since I’v been here in Berlin and now I just encountered German winters. Its allmost -5’C here and heater(oven) in my room is allmost dead. Untill now, everything is going quite smooth. People are quite warm, well this sound strange but if you enter in Germany through a well known person than its really easy to look inside real people. Certainly, I made quite a few accidents and underestimated extreme winter sometime.  Once again I fall in love with Europian breads and cakes.

I’m in east Berlin right now, which probably looks similar to New Delhi and the communism reflects in the architecture and the life style. It’s surrounded by roseate cafes and parks. I love to go to a Turkish cafe for soup and some kind of bread, its near to my workplace.  more … (next week)

Departure Details

26th Jan is India’s Republic day, and I’m not writing an essay on Republic day but I’m leaving to Berlin (TXL). I’m using the same airlines i.e Turkish Airlines (THY) they offered me cheapest airfare and second there is a halt of 14 hr on Istanbul, which is enough for me to explore Turkey a bit. I’ll be in Berlin early in the morning on 27th Jan. Keep visiting!

Long time no see!

I’m sure, you all must have been doubting on “Deepak – a perpetual traveler”, even I started to doubt. But I wasnt sitting quite, I am heading to another trip to EU this time for 2 months and I hope I’ll explore things better. Actually I’m on internship in Berlin and I dont know how often I can blog. But I promise to have 1 post/week here. I’ll be posting all my depature and arrival details here. Best!