Czesc India – 10th April to 8th May

Finally all set for our India trip. We planned couple of times but we couldn’t this time all set, visas, shopping, tickets. On 10th April we are leaving from Gdansk and early morning we’ll be in India. We’ll be visiting back home, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur/Valley of flowers and Leh.

Greetings from Leh

I just reached to Leh, after unplanned cycle trip from Manali to Leh, which took 9 days and now we are in heaven phones are working, internet is fine and we just saw Pang Tso Lake. I’ll try to upload pictures soon.

Leaving to Leh

After 2 years of planning and visits to Lahaul Spiti region,  I’m ready to visit Leh Ladakh region. Today I am leaving with one of my friend to Leh. He is a bit psycho and I am bit scared of his evil ideas. In evening, we both are leaving to Manali either by HPTDC or HRTC bus. We’re following Manali-Leh highway afterward, we both have been to the mid of this highway, hopefully we wont be caught in hitches and delays.

Route: Delhi-Manali-Kyelong/Jispa-Sarchu-Leh .. here is a google map stuff for our route .

Bara Shigri Glacier

The Himalaya has always been a place to make records, which also holds many of them. Talking in terms of Indian region about 60% of peaks are in India; They are at heaven touching heights. Most of them covers two vibrant states in India, Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh. During my last journey to the valley of Spiti, they kept on impressing me as I progressed deeper, and one of them was Bara Shigri glacier. Bara means “big” and shigri means “glacier”.

Bara Shigri glacier is world’s second longest glacier, which lasts upto 55 Kms connecting Manali – Bara Shigri – Kyelong (Kyelang). It is just 4 kms away from Batal and around 40 Kms from Rohatang Pass. It eventually melts into the Chenab river. The best time to be around is July – September, you’ll find many trekkers in Manali with the same purpose. When I came back from a far view of it, I found there is no decent information on Internet about this numinous glacier and I’m lucky enough to make its picture from 100 meters away ( really thanks to Vibhu for his camera).

The glacier itself is highly steep and you’ve to be very professional to cross this glacier, however there is an alternate way which makes you haggle in rocky floor. I was accompanied by founder of Eco-shpere during this trip and he told me a lot more than I knew. He also added many tourist lost their life or got missing on this way, he recommended to trek in a group loaded with all professional equipments. If yo think you are good enough to walk55 kms in 2 days then forget it. According to him it takes around 6-8 days to reach trans glacier. It is in my 100 things before I die!

I’m home

Friends, I had great time at spiti valley though rain ruined somethings somehow. My plan was to visit Tabo and then exit from Shimla but some bridges were broken and they needed 2 days to fix them. I found an interesting trek to Chandratal via Kunzum Pass which is about 14 Km trek with slopy height and 4500 m above the sea level. I joined a Portuguese trekker group to share some expenses and beautiful memories. After 1 day camping at chandratal, I took lift on a truk to Gramphoo and then back to Manali via HRTC bus. It took 14 hrs from Manali to back to my home.

From Kaza

Hello friends, last two days i’ve been travelling alot, approximatly travelled 1000 Kms and surprised to find internet here, really amazing. Last night i was at Marhi it was a nice rainy eve, today early morning we departed to Kaza its beautiful place but i am not much happy to see clouds over here. Hopefully tomorrow i’ll travel to Kye and spend a day to understand this place. I’m pretty surprised to see lots of Isrealis and their food in local menu. Will take beautiful pictures for you. Ciao.